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Go Wild

Canadian adventure tours in breathtaking surroundings

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After nearly 10 years guiding canoeing/hiking trips in Canadian Rockies, we still feel a sense of anticipation and excitement when pushing off from shore at the beginning of an expedition.

Come as a guest, leave as a friend

It’s all about good, old-fashioned hospitality, and a good atmosphere.

Happiness is homemade

Open fire cooking. Traditional recipes, prepared with fresh and local products.

Love nature, but leave her wild

Be kind to all things that lives. Remember that any rock on your way was there long before you.

Unparalleled beauty

Paddle bandit base camp

why choose us

Our guests

“Idyllic setting, great staff, great food, great wildlife sightings.”

Bruce Henderson

“Unforgettable! Great people, great location and amazing natural environment.”

Eddie Frost

“Extremely professional and knowledgeable staff with terrific sense of humour.”

Anna Kendrick

“This was the best canoeing trip i've ever been on! The river is wonderful and the guides are amazing.”

Adam Solomon

“We really appreciated the way the guides went out of their way to interact with and make our kids feel special.”

Tatyana Kremlin

“I absolutely loved the river, the guides, the hikesand the food! I can't wait to go again!”

Sofia Blade

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